New technology teaches Roane State EMS students

Published: May. 31, 2017 at 11:42 PM EDT
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In a world where people love video games, teachers at Roane State Community College are using the technology to reach students.

"This stuff is really great as far as making sure our graduates are ready for the environment, no matter what they see," said David Blevins, Director of EMS education at Roane State.

New Technology called the Microsoft HoloLens lets professors take EMS education to a new realm, into a holographic and virtual reality.

"We have the Microsoft HoloLens, which brings holograms and anatomy to real life for these students," said Blevins.

The professor walks around the virtual call wearing the lens while giving his lecture. What he sees is projected on a screen so the students can see what the professor is looking at. He can walk around the images and make them move.

"It makes it a lot different. We use the mannequins every day in class. You can only use mannequins so many time before its the same thing, same scenario over and over again. This just brings it more to real life," said Ronald Smiddy, Paramedic Intern at Roane State.

There are just a handful of colleges in Tennessee that have the Microsoft HoloLens. The college is developing new content because it is so new. The EMS department has teamed up with the Computer Sciences department at the college to develop new content that will be available to EMS programs across East Tennessee and ultimately across the country.