Newport City Schools Supervisor is finalist for education award

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Educators across the state are up for a big award. Nine finalists are in the running for the 2018-2019 Tennessee Principal of the Year and Supervisor of the Year awards. Several finalists are from East Tennessee.

Finalists for Supervisor of the Year are Maria Warren from Loudon County Schools and Amy Burchette from Newport City Schools.

Burchette is the supervisor of Federal Programs in the Newport City School District and has been involved with education for 24 years.

"I am just absolutely incredibly honored to be up for this award," Burchette said. "It really provides me the opportunity to showcase our school and our students and everything we have to offer ... for a one school system, we do have a lot."

"We're very excited that Amy was nominated for Supervisor of the Year ... and we're happy to see that the work that she's doing in the Newport City School system is being recognized," Justin Norton, the system and assessments supervisor, said.

Burchette oversees 11 programs, including federal budgets, supervising special education, and professional development instruction. She says the nomination is an important recognition for a school system in a rural area.

Phillip Lewis, the STEM lab instructor at Newport Grammar School, said, "She has the students in mind, as well as the teachers. She's big on putting the right tools in the teachers' hands."

Michael Short, principal at Newport Grammar School, said, "She is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met as far as planning things and interacting with students and employees. She is so innovative in the things that she brings to our schools. She is able to bring initiatives here that, really, in our area, we are not able to get otherwise."

Teachers say Burchette is great at making things happen, like finding funding to help start a robotics club at the school last year.

"Students are very interested in that, and when you can't catch a child another way ... computers, electronics - that always gets a kid," Burchette said.

Winners for each Grand Division and the Tennessee Principal and Supervisor of the Year will be announced at a banquet October 4 in Nashville.