Niedermeyer knows recruiting and coach Pruitt tells us why!

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Why do young players opt to make Big Orange Country their home? One reason is UT tight ends coach Brian Niedermeyer.

UT's tight ends coach was named National Recruiter of the year back in the Spring. Head coach Jeremy Pruitt always says he's got the best staff in the country, especially when they're not tied down. When asked about Niedermeyer coach Pruitt affectionately responded, "he's young, he's not married so what else does he have to do. It's not like he's got a wife to go home to and kids to go home to. So what does he do, he recruits, he recruits all the time."

Niedermeyer responded to that by saying, " I think being young is always good to relate to people, more than anything I think it's about building relationships you know identifying with people and I've been to so many places and lived in so many places it's helped me out and understanding different."

Niedermeyer went on to say it's very easy to recruit kids to Tennessee with everything the University has to offer.