Nonprofit donates food to East Knoxvillians

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - More than 100 bags of snacks and 20 containers of soup were delivered for kids and adults in East Knoxville.

Volunteers with a Knoxville nonprofit donate food for people in need (Source: WVLT)

"One of the things that awesome about Sleeves4Needs is that we get to provide healthy food," said Matthew Park, a volunteer with Sleeves4Needs.

This thanks to donations given to Sleeves4Needs, a Knoxville nonprofit.

"It feels good to know that even though we're supposed to be under quarantine there are people that still come up and lend a helping hand," said Stephanie Winton, a grateful grandmother caring for two grandchildren, who lives at Walter P. Taylor Homes.

Everything was donated for free to the people of Walter P. Taylor Homes and residents at the Regency Inn.

"We're just thankful that someone is coming out in the neighborhood and helping us, and just being a real present help. Touchable, tangible. It shows they really care and we really appreciate it," said Winton.

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