Oak Ridge man 'kilts' to 'kick' cancer

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Behind the doors of a leather works shop sits Dennis Badurina, the owner of Dragon Leatherworks.

Dennis Badurina relaxes in his shop while sporting his kilt

He's on a mission to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

"It's the most common cancer in men," said Badurina.

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

He's using "Kilted to Kick Cancer" as a conversation starter.

"When you're out in a kilt, someone, somewhere is going to go: hey! Why are you running around in a kilt," he said.

The organization creates a friendly online competition to see who raises the most money for prostate cancer research.

"The test is really easy. It takes all of 30 seconds in a doctor's office. Guys get checked it's well worth it," he explained,"It's the wives supporting the organization that really push the guys to get checked."

He's been supporting the organization for 10 years, but actually participating by wearing a kilt for the last four.

"The very first time I put on the kilt it felt a little weird, but after about a day or two, it's really comfortable," Badurina explained.

"I have an appreciation for you ladies. Because in the summertime those vinyl seats in the car are hot!"

But he wants to know why more men don't invest in the unique lifestyle.

"I don't see why more guys, don't do it all year long--well except for the winter time."

He owns five kilts.

"You'll learn little things. You drop something on the floor you're not about to bend over to pick it up," Badurina laughed.

Despite his good sense of humor, he has one message for men: "Just get checked."

Next year he plans on adding a sixth kilt to his collection. It'll be orange to support the Tennessee Vols.

Badurina raises $3,000 to $5,000 for prostate cancer research each year.

If you want to donate to his team you can click here.

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