Tree falls on Oak Ridge woman, prompts hospitalization

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Neighbors said they were praying for the recovery of an Oak Ridge woman who suffered several broken bones when a tree fell on her Sunday. April 14, 2019.

The daughter of Bridgette Moses said her mom was trying to move a table in the backyard of her rental home when a tree trunk fell on top of her. She rented an apartment near the corner of New York Avenue and Nesper Road.

Moses' daughter said her mother had surgery for her broken legs, but a brain bleed prevented surgeons from completing the entire procedure in the spine and neck area.

University of Tennessee Medical Center confirmed that Moses' conditions progressed from serious to stable as of Monday.

"Wind perked up, we heard a big crash," said neighbor Henry Houck. "Wife and I looked around to see where it came from, we're aware of trees."

Houck said he then discovered his neighbor was in pain. "The poor lady was, unreal screaming, she was in terrible pain!" But she received quick emergency attention from first responders.

Another neighbor, Hardy Holthausen, also heard a crash as a tree trunk hit the building where he rents a home.

"Really loud crash and then the whole house was shaking. I thought at first it was an earthquake," said Houlthausen.

Holthausen said the tree hit a vacant unit on the end of his building, and hit near another unit where the resident was gone for the day.

"In construction, it was just being finished, so nobody was living there. And then my neighbor here was not at home," said Holthausen.

As Moses began a long healing process, her neighbors said they were concerned about her.

Houck said, "Oh, we are praying for her. We are sure doing that."