Old Mill now carrying groceries amid coronavirus pandemic

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PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge is shifting gears to help serve the community amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The business has created its own delivery service, manufactured its own hand sanitizer and increased its bread baking.

Now the Old Mill will start carrying grocery items, including milk, eggs, hamburger and fresh chicken.

“We are developing new ways to get food to our neighbors and visitors while keeping everyone safe,” says Laurie Faulkner, Marketing Director of The Old Mill. “We’re going far beyond what we normally do, and that now includes selling basics such as milk, eggs, chicken, and ground beef. This is a time when restaurants and groceries need to have as much variety and accessibility as possible.”

Bread has always been a high-demand item for the Old Mill, which is why the bakers at the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe can turn out 225 loaves every eight hours.

The bakers will also continue to make desserts such as pecan pie, coconut cream pie, and carrot cake usually found on the Pottery House Cafe and the Old Mill Restaurant menus. Curbside pickup is available for bakery phone orders as well as restaurant orders.

The Old Mill is working with its food distributors to stock items it would not have typically carried under normal circumstances, according to Kent Yarnall, manager of the Pottery House Cafe.

The Old Mill added fresh meats (chicken, chicken tenders, and ground beef) at the Pottery House Cafe and the Farmhouse Kitchen. Also new at the Farmhouse Kitchen are milk and eggs to complement traditional items such as soup mixes, jams, jellies, salsa, baking mixes, pickles, spices, honey, sorghum, cornmeal, flour, and other pantry staples.

“People are obviously baking more right now, and we have flour and cornmeal that might be hard to find elsewhere. And since we have our own gristmill that we operate every day, we’ll always have those items,” Faulkner added.

While restaurant dine-in service is suspended, The Old Mill Restaurant and the Pottery House Cafe are offering takeout and delivery services. Menus include family-sized meals as well as individual portions. Orders are prepared for takeout or for delivery by Old Mill employees. Menus and other details about takeout and delivery orders can be found at www.old-mill.com/takeout.

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