Old air conditioning units could cause new problems

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The last thing homeowners want during this intense August heat is a broken air conditioning unit. Local experts said older models can stall if it's overheated. Soon, it will also be tough to find a certain brand of Freon known for keeping old AC units running.

The older units only run off of a brand of Freon called R-22 coolant. The Environmental Protection Agency is banning that product come January 2020.

A new version is environmentally friendly. The problem is it's going to cost consumers three times more.

Local experts said it hasn't become a major issue here, yet. The problems they're dealing with is people not maintaining their units.

Steve Chancey with Chancey & Reynolds Inc., said when temps hit the 90's, they're flooded with calls.

"A lot of people will expect a lot from their air conditions what it's actually delivering because we're outside designed conditions. Around Knoxville, the engineers say we should design for about a 20 degree temperature drop. So, if it's 95 outside and your unit is maintaining 75(degrees), well that's what it's designed for," Chancey said.

Chancey also talked about how to beat the greenhouse effect in your home. That's when heat from the sun naturally warms up a closed area.

Chancey said keeping your blinds and windows closed can go a long way in keeping you comfortable and cool.

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