Pagans and the eclipse: A time for spritual rebirth

Published: Aug. 15, 2017 at 11:44 PM EDT
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The highly anticipated 2017 eclipse is a time for spiritual renewal for pagans in East Tennessee.

Meleah McCammon, a pagan, runs the Curiosity Metaphysical Shop in South Knoxville. She said she and her family plan to take advantage of the eclipse by having a ritual during the moment of totality.

"It will honor what I want to release and let go of, maybe an obstacle in my life, and what I want to renew and bring into my life," said McCammon.

During the ritual McCammon said she plans to meditate and channel the universe's energy to help facilitate a spiritual rebirth.

"The energy feels very similar to child birth, preparing for it, getting ready for it. I can't even fathom what kind of joy there is going to be on the other side of this," said McCammon.

"We are all particles of energy that are vibrating at a certain rate, everything around us is, so when you open up and let that energy go through you, you are vibrating with everything in existence. It can be very healing," said McCammon.

McCammon also said the intense energy that everyone is feeling could be a way to bring unity.

"This may be a way to clear that tension and animosity, kind of turning over a new leaf."