Painting it Forward

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Giving back to the community by "Painting it Forward."

That is the goal of McLain's Painting Services with their second annual "Paint it Forward" campaign.

The "Paint it Forward" campaign focused their efforts on Old North Abbey Saturday afternoon to help brighten up the Church.

Charles McLain, owner and president of McLain's Painting Services, said, "We're a painting community, so why not give back to the community with our painting efforts? God has given us talents, and our talent is to paint and make something look beautiful, and why not give back to others through Paint it Forward."

Employees and their families spent their Saturday working on both the inside and outside of the Church building.

Job leader Quenton Woody said, "We're giving back to the community, and letting everyone know we aren't just out here to get paid. We're here to help our community out. For me, this charity event is one of our greatest aspects to our company."

Woody said it makes him proud to be a part of Knoxville. "You're giving back to Knoxville, and you get to have pride in what you do."

Father Aaron Wright, of Old North Abbey, said it means a lot to see the hard work pay off.

"We purchased this Church almost two years ago, and we have done a ton of work on it, but to have someone come in and say we want to help out and to bring everyone together that's here, and just to see them beautify a space, as the pastor here, it's a super gift, so we are really excited about it."

Tony Dowell, Field Supervisor, said a project like this gives you a sense of pride. "It's awesome to give back to the community that provides for our families. It gives you a better sense of purpose, pride and community spirit when you can give back to the community that sustains our business."

This campaign seeks out non-profit groups or families in the area that might not have funds themselves for improvements and need an extra boost.

If you are interested in participating next year, McLain's Painting Services looks for a non-profit group or family that may not have funds themselves for improvements or home upkeep.

Nominations will begin February 1, 2019 on their website, and nominations close April 14, 2019.

Nominations will go to the Volunteer Committee for review, and the top three nominations will go to the company for final review.