'Party Mom' Leslie Janous released from prison

"Party Mom" Leslie Janous has been released from federal prison and is back in Knoxville.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Leslie Janous the "party mom" has been released from federal prison after being convicted of stealing $6.5 million from her ex-bosses at the Scancarbon company.

In 2011 Janous pleaded guilty to stealing $4 million dollars from her ex-bosses at Scancarbon company. A later FBI investigation revealed the actual take was $6.6 million dollars stolen over six years. Investigators said that she used the money to shower her lover and child with expensive jewelry and cars.

Leslie Janous was approved for placement in a Community Corrections Center halfway house in Knoxville starting in January of this year.

Janous is living in Knoxville and will be supervised by the United States Probation Office.

Janoues was sentenced to nine years in federal prison in 2011. Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Dale wanted the judge to throw the book at Janous, "This is a fair sentence. It's certainly consistent with guidelines for a crime of this nature," said Dale.

The judge told Janous before sentencing he'd never seen theft as "egregious as this in 50 years" in court. "That certainly is a significant thing for a judge to say," Dale said. Janous fought back tears while apologizing to owners of Scancarbon present in court. She told them she has a "deep sense of sorrow and regret" about her crimes.

In 2011 Prosecutors seized most of Janous' property, including three houses, two luxury cars, two watercraft vehicles, and designer jewelry and clothing, all paid for with embezzled funds. One of the homes was 7,000 square in size.

Janous once kept books for Scancarbon, a mining and materials company based in Knoxville.

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