Pest control companies using drones against mosquitoes

Photo courtesy of KOVR
Photo courtesy of KOVR(WVLT)
Published: Apr. 14, 2017 at 6:11 PM EDT
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This summer, pest control companies in California plan to use a new technique to fight mosquitoes—drones.

According to CBS affiliate KOVR, Placer County's Mosquito and Vector Control will target mosquitoes by flying drones over 400 feet into the air and spraying the area below. This technique will allow them to reach areas that they could not in the past.

According to the Mosquito and Vector Control in Placer County, some drones can do more than just fly into the sky. Many of them can measure weather conditions, and some can even land in water, allowing the company to pick up and put down traps as well as measure water conditions.

The drones will allow for the company to construct maps that will give them a way to monitor mosquitoes in the area.

Although they are planning to implement drones this summer in California, there is no word yet if Tennessee will use the same technology.