Poland making quarantined citizens send selfies to prove they're inside

(Image: Pixabay / MGN)

POLAND (WVLT/CBS) -- In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Poland is asking quarantined residents to prove that they're following the rules and staying at home – by taking selfies. The country launched a phone app on Friday for residents who are under under mandatory 14-day quarantines after returning from abroad, according to CBS.

CBS News reported that people download the app and upload selfies to prove they they're inside.

"People in quarantine have a choice: either receive unexpected visits from the police, or download this app," Karol Manys, Digital Ministry spokesman, told AFP.

CBS reported that the app uses geolocation and facial regonition. The app randomly requests selfies, and the user has 20 minutes to upload the selfie from their quarantine. Otherwise, police will show up/

CBS News has reached out to Poland's Digital Ministry for more information.

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