Police: Grandparents fought off man who tried to abduct little girl

Source: Boone County Sheriff's Office

LEBANON, Ind. (WJHL/WFLA) -- The grandparents of a 6-year-old Indiana girl fought off her would-be kidnapper, investigators said.

Benjamin Dillon, 37, kicked his way into an apartment in Lebanon in the middle of the night and "insisted he was taking the child," WJHL reported.

The child's grandparents, Martin and Patricia Roth, fought him off and called 911 while keeping the girl safe.

When police arrived, they said they found Dillon "shirtless and very agitated." Investigators said Dillon told them his daughter was inside of the apartment being raped and threatened to "fight all of [the police] and kill us," according to the police report.

The Roth family told police they had never seen the intruder before.

Dillon was arrested for burglary, battery on a law enforcement officer and intimidation, as well as other charges.

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