Police investigating after doctor performs abortion on wrong woman

Published: Sep. 24, 2019 at 12:19 PM EDT
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Police began an investigation in South Korea after a doctor performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

In early August, police said a 6-week pregnant woman went to a clinic in Seoul to receive a nutritional shot.

Officials said a nurse reportedly injected the woman with anesthesia without first confirming her identity. The doctor then came in and performed an abortion without checking the women's identity, according to reports.

Police announced they will investigate the nurse and doctor in charge during the incident.

"The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault," a police official said. They are now being accused of negligence resulting in bodily harm.

South Korea moved to legalize abortion in April, however, as of now, the practice still remains illegal.

Abortions are granted in cases where the parents have a hereditary disease, the pregnancy is due to rape or incest or the fetus is threatening the life of the mother, according to officials.

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