Politics aside, Twitter reveals the real Tim Burchett

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - His Twitter page is lined with what he calls 'shameless selfies.'

In person, Tim Burchett's most popular look is a Carhartt jacket and glasses around his neck, and he has greeted most people with a fist bump, all of which he has vowed to take with him to Washington.

He's come up the ranks politically. He started in the Tennessee House of Representatives, then the Senate, then became Knox County mayor. He even made a name for himself by bringing "Finding Bigfoot" to town, inspiring the sticker he had made for his re-election mayoral campaign.

He is an animal lover, and has shown videos and pictures of himself on Twitter saving turtles and snakes from the road.

He also takes to the streets every year on a ride-along with salt trucks on the first freeze. The first year the truck slid off the road.

His first love is motorcycles. He collects 1940s style British Bikes, but also likes Harley Davidson. He even survived a motorcycle crash a few years ago; he walked away with a broken wrist.

When he is on four wheels, it's usually a skateboard that he's made himself out of bamboo. They're so popular that the skateboard shoe company Vans followed his Twitter page.

His first choice for a meal is Vol Market #3. That's where he announced he would be running for congress and where he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the day he won the election.

It's the people closest to him he said that matter most. His wife and daughter, but especially his late parents. Burchett's mother was a teacher and his father was a World War II veteran. Every year he lays wreaths at the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery, where they are buried. It's a tradition for which he said he will travel home from Washington every year.