TSSAA dismisses recruiting allegations against Powell High School

Source: Dr. Chad Smith

POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A November inquiry has cleared Powell High School of all allegations concerning their recruitment policies, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association said on Monday.

According to a letter released by Dr. Chad Smith, principal of Powell High School, the TSSAA investigated the school's athletic department for alleged violations of Article II, Section 17.

The allegations claimed that students received signed letters "stating that a coach or coaches approached them after a game encouraging them to consider coming to Powell." The TSSAA said the coaches implicated in the allegations denied the accusations.

"We have no witnesses to state otherwise," the TSSAA said. "From our standpoint, we have only hearsay incidents ... which cannot be substantiated. Based on the information we have currently, we cannot verify there has been a violation."

Dr. Smith said, "We appreciate the TSSAA's prompt response regarding the alleged incidents."

TSSAA closed the case.

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