Powell's 'Legion of Boom' helps keep Panthers undefeated

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POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The nickname 'Legion of Boom' was given to the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. Powell Panther's scout team defense has taken the moniker and made it their own.

Powell Panthers 'Legion of Boom' helps keep the talented team playing at peak performance.

The 'Legion of Boom' consists of Jackson Witt, Carson Whitehead, Brian Morales and Owen Peterson.

Powell High School assistant coach Jason West gave the four players the nickname.

"Those four guys run the scout team for us, and go against some of the best receivers in the area," West said. "One of the kids, Owen Peterson, is a big Seattle Seahawks fan. So kind of tongue and cheek, I started tweeting out 'Legion of Boom' had this many interceptions. So it's caught on and a lot of the kids have had fun with it."

The 'Legion' said practice makes perfect. The up-and-coming Panthers take the 'Legion's" philosophy to heart to both improve their game and help fine-tune head coach Matt Lowe's talented team.

"It's made us better every day, going up against these guys," 'Legion' member Witt said. "One-on-one scout teams, it just makes us better."

"It's pretty tough sometimes, because they'll give it their all and we give it our all," Morales said. "We just have to give the coaches and players a good look on what Friday nights will be like."

"We just go out there and work with them," Peterson said. "It's just fun trying to make each other better."

The Powell Panthers defeated West High Rebels Friday night to stay undefeated.

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