Powell couple takes UT/UF rivalry to Florida

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WVLT)-- Yes it's been a tough several years for the Vols especially when they play the Gators. Certainly aware of that are Jaime and Matej Bosnjak from Powell.

The husband and wife are in Florida for Saturday's big game and took some time to talk with us about their house divided situation.

We asked Jaime what it's been like living with a guy knowing his Gators have had the upper hand for the most part in this series.

She answered, "Florida week is anything is game week in our house and we tell the neighbors we're not killing each other we're just watching a football game but you know it's all in good fun."

Yes, the Gators have had the upper hand in this series having won 13 of the last 14 and 7 straight here in Gainesville so I asked Matej about this years game and the start his team is off to. He said, "Yeah they're 3-0 and the back up quarterback is gonna rock it out I wish the best for Franks but the back up is there he's gonna put on his big boy jersey."

So in this house divided I asked the husband if he takes it easy on his wife when the Gators are winning and he responded, "You know, happy wife, happy life!"

When the big game is on I was curious if Jaime could even bare to watch and she said, "We're intense right in front of the TV hollering, we're right there with them. Go Vols!"

We'll see if the Vols can make Jaime and the rest of Big Orange Nation happy on Saturday when they take on the 9th ranked Gators at Noon in the Swamp.