Practice talk with JG as Vols 'Cool' off during camp

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Fall camp continues on the UT campus for Jarrett Guarantano and company.

How's the team's starting quarterback progressing and how close are he and his Tennessee teammates to being ready to play football?

We asked him both questions today and his response was, "The older guys, the guys that have been here, have to look at the team and say, 'refocus up, there are a lot of things that we have to do before we get there.' If we were to play a game tomorrow, we aren't ready. We have to take these next two weeks for what they are and get better every day. Coach Weinke has harped on me to look at myself in the mirror and competing against myself every day. If I want to get what I've always wanted and I've always prayed for and looked for growing up, I got to do that every day and I have to come with my 'A' game."

One thing's for sure, J-G and the Vols are having to endure some hot steamy conditions out on the practice field these days. Well, helping the players get through it is Senior Associate Director of Sports Medicine Jeronimo Boche and his cooling trailer. It's set at 17 degrees and as you might imagine, it helps cool these guys down from the 80 and 90-degree temps they're practicing in outside. The nutrition staff provides them with fruits and calories and helping get fluids back in them. As for the players, Senior linebacker Daniel Bituli says they love it, "I love those man! You all see how hot it is in practice, we're burning up like crazy so being able to have that to cool down is really clutch, I really love it."

The sports staff trying to be proactive and fend off any heat issues before they happen. I'd say that's pretty cool!