Product offers protection from shooters, East Tennessee school shows interest

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) In a crisis every second counts. There might be a product in East Tennessee that give schools and law enforcement agencies those extra seconds. Before they can invest, they need to try it out.

It's a thin layer of safety film that's applied to windows.

"I've had some officers where their windows have been busted out, or be involved where the windows disintegrate, and they do get cut," Roane County Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said.

He said that's why they are looking at the film to help keeps those deputies and people they arrest safe.

The film sticks to windows and allows the glass to break, but the sheet stays in tact. Even after being shot, and hit several times the film makes it nearly impossible to get through the glass.

"The one with the film on it, when I shot it, I didn't have any glass blow back on me," Phillips said. "The one that I shot that didn't have the film on it had glass hit me and I was 10 feet away."

Oak Ridge Schools are also interested in the film, their goal to keep students safer.
"A product would be effective that would basically slow a perpetrator time required to get in the building," Oak Ridge School's Executive Director of School Leadership Bruce Lay said.

He said the extra minutes the film give them could make all the difference.

"I'm hoping that its something that we can afford," Lay said. "Although school security is a priority at the same time we do have a limited budget. We're trying to do the most we can."

The company demonstrating the film's ability says it costs about $10 per square foot.