Expert tips to organize your home for a de-cluttered 2018

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 5:31 PM EST
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Professional organizer Chris McKenry shared some tips he uses when helping his clients organize their home spaces. He began by asking people to clear out the clutter in their homes by assessing what they really need and want in their lives. He suggested people keep nostalgic items if they add aesthetic value or serve a useful purpose, but consider donating items to charity if they simply clutter an area.

McKenry said your kitchen is a key area to declutter at the beginning of the year.

"Go through your kitchen, see what you're not using anymore," he said.

He said items you use most frequently should be low and easy to reach, while higher storage is fine for items you use occasionally.

He pointed out that drawers can offer convenient ways to keep small items out of sight, yet organized. Even if you can't add custom drawer organizers, any store-bought organizers can help.

McKenry stressed that good habits every day can keep a home better organized. He also said that donating items and getting rid of what is not necessary can clear the way for running a more efficient household. He said the shelving, drawers and other storage are helpful, but secondary to good habits.

"Closet systems, containers, they all enhance the organizing process. But we are the ones that really affect the way we organized. If we're holding onto our past, holding onto clutter, things that we don't need any more, things that we feel guilty about, they're gonna get in the way," he said.

McKenry creates dream closets for clients via

and also does professional organizing for people via his consulting business called Well-Kept Spaces.