Possible changes coming to Affordable Care Act

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President Donald Trump signed his first executive order as president, ordering federal agencies to ease the burden from Obamacare.
Richard Pacelle UT Political Science Professor says, "Right now it's more symbolic than anything else, but it signals a clear intent to get rid of ACA."

Pacelle says the problem is that the republicans don't have an alternative plan yet. Pacelle says, "Trump is a little annoyed with the republicans who've had 7 years of attacking Obamacare without having something in place to put in."

Pacelle thinks some changes you will probably see will be women paying for birth control out of pocket , and the fine dropped for not having insurance. Pacelle says, "That's going to go away immediately. that's loosening of regulations. one thing that goes away immediately."

Some worry, preexisting conditions could prohibit you from getting coverage if trump changes the law. Pacelle says, "A number of things republicans are talking about don't include preexisting conditions but ultimately they're going to have to put that in there."

Vanessa Hirschhorn, a single mom fighting breast cancer, is fearful of the changes to come. She says, "'m sitting here with preexisting condition that could potentially limit my ability to get life saving care and that's very scary."