Proposed bill would ban sexual identity change therapy for prepubescent children

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 9:14 AM EST
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A proposed Tennessee bill will attempt to ban sexual identity change therapy for prepubescents.

Senator Janice Bowling and Representative John Ragan proposed

on Feb. 4.

According to the bill, sexual identity change therapy is a "course of treatment that involves the use of hormone replacement, puberty blockers or other medical intervention to change the sexual identity or physical appearance of a patient to sexual identity or physical appearance that does not correspond to the anatomy and chromosomal makeup with which the patient was born."

The bill would prevent sexual identity change therapy from offered to a minor who has not yet entered puberty. A person who has entered puberty would not have access to sexual identity change therapy unless a parent or guardian provided a signed written statement with a recommendation from two or more physicians.

According to the bill, a violation by parents would be punishable as child abuse and doctors could receive professional misconduct charges.

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