Tornado survivor: "No matter where we are, we can be a family"

PUTNAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Warehouses that were once noticed from yards away can easily be mistaken for vacant land in Putnam County. Some of those buildings housed a host of laughs, memories and smiles.

Resident and owner of Power Athletics can vouch for that loss after his community gym for the youth was completely destroyed March 3. A moment in time many will remember after deadly tornadoes moved across Tennessee.

Henry said his 10-year foundation offered athletic skills and a second family to more than 200 kids in the area. It's just the one of many buildings and homes people can't go back inside of. Instead, they stood on the outside—picking up the pieces.

Henry said it hurts witnessing what was once a place of escape crumbled down to a memory.

"It's tough for me to look at. I've owned this business as a passion, not as a money maker. So, to me, it's like a child. It is stuff and things, but we're more than that. We represent more than that. No matter where we are, we can be a family," Henry said.

Henry and his crew have found a temporary location to call home. He thanked a handful of local gyms including Knoxville Twisters for its continued support.

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