Putting unwanted gift cards to good use

Published: Dec. 27, 2018 at 9:01 PM EST
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A gift card might seem like the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person, but a card to the wrong shop could just go unused.

"We could absolutely put any gift cards to use," Melissa Cox said.

She helps run Compassion Closet. It's a non-profit that provides support to foster families with clothing, toys, and other needs as they come up.

"I've gotten calls on a Thursday at two, that I'm going to get two school aged kids by six. Those children went to school, and then they were picked up by DCS, then brought to my home with what they are carrying in their backpack," Cox said.

She said they rely on donations for kids they help, but sometimes they don't have clothing for teens in need. That's where an unwanted gift card you have laying around could come in handy.

"To be able to go to Target or Old Navy and be like you can spend however much," Cox said. "They just have delight in knowing they're getting something new, that's theirs and they had a choice. It gives them so much dignity."

She says a small donation can make all the difference in the lives of kids they serve.

"Not every home can open their home to foster kids, but I think we all as a community can do something," Cox said.

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