RAM helps more than 500 in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

More than 550 patients were seen at the Hurricane Dorian Dental Relief Clinic in Nassau, Bahamas. Children displaced from their homes as a result of the storm were prioritized to receive care./ Source: RAM

NASSAU, Bahamas. (WVLT) -- Remote Area Medical announced its effort to offer free dental care to residents of the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the community.

According to a release from RAM, more than 550 people were helped in Nassau, Bahamas from Oct. 25 through Oct. 28. "as part of a relief effort in the wake of Hurricane Dorian."

The four-day clinic offered oral health examinations, basic procedures, cleanings, minor oral health surgeries and general medical exams. Volunteers from Tennessee, and many other states went to the Bahamas to help.

“The caliber and heart of the volunteers who showed up to provide care was incredible,” said RAM COO Chris Hall. “RAM is happy to have been part of such a collaborative and international effort to alleviate pain and suffering.”

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