The "real game" of Survivor starts with latest episode

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Justin Scheman, executive producer for Tony and Chris on WIVK, and former contestant on The Amazing Race, talks reality show strategy with Ted Hall.

Justin says it's a terrible time to be voted off Survivor, right before the main merge, because everyone has a new chance now. Lyrsa Torres was the unlucky player in the October 30th episode.

There are 13 players left, 6 Davids and 7 Goliaths. If the tribes stay loyal the Davids will be picked off one after another but it seems like loyalties are being formed between players regardless of the original tribe.

Christian is a player who has made a lot of friends.

Nick is the player from just across the Tennessee border in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Justin says he's playing a smart game also making friends with many different players trying to keep his alliances strong.