Remembering the victims of the Sevier Co. wildfires

SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On November 28, 2016, wildfires tore through Sevier County, taking with them homes, businesses, properties—and lives.

Local 8 News remembers the lives of those lost below:

1. Elaine Brown, 81, died after she sustained a medical event that caused a multi-vehicle accident on Wears Valley Road while fleeing the fire.

2. Reverend Ed Taylor, well known in Gatlinburg as a wedding industry pioneer, also died from the wildfires. He was 85 years old.

3. Constance Reed, 34-year-old mother to Chloe and Lily Reed, died in the fires. Michael Reed's son said the family got separated during the fires, and that they had last heard from her at 8 p.m. on Nov. 28. The Reed's home in the Wiley Oakley area was completely destroyed in the fires.

4. Chloe Reed, aged 12, was discovered with her mother and sister at a Wiley Oakley address following the fires.

5. Lily Reed, aged 9, was also found with her mother and sister at a Wiley Oakley address following the fires.

6. Bradley Phillips, aged 59, was discovered at an address on Long Hollow Road following the wildfires.

7. Jon Summers, aged 61, was staying with his wife Janet in Chalet Village on Crooked Ridge Road. They were visiting from Memphis, Tenn. The Summers' three sons, Paul, Shawn and Phillip, were sent to the burn unit at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Jon's brother, Jim, was notified of the death on Dec. 1, 2016.

8. Janet Summers, 61, was found with her husband in Chalet Village.

9. May Vance died of a heart attack in the wildfires. She and her husband saw the flames rushing toward their Gatlinburg backyard and attempted to escape. As they were escaping, May passed away.

10. Alice Hagler was last seen at her home on Piney Butt Loop in Gatlinburg. Hagler's son, Lyle, said his brother previously lived with their mom, but the wildfires took their mother, home and everything he owned.

11. Robert A. Hejny, 63, was found at Traveler's Motel in Gatlinburg after the wildfires.

12. John Tegler, 71, along with Marilyn Tegler, were dual citizens from Woodstock, Ontario, but owned a vacation home on North Skyline Drive in Chalet Village. Their son, Scott, was notified on Dec. 1 of his parents' death. Their son-in-law, Dave Lapointe, told CBC News that the couple had been living in the U.S. for about 20 years.

13. Marilyn Tegler, 70, was found with her husband John.

14. Pamela Johnson was identified as the fourteenth victim of the wildfires. Johnson had been missing since Nov. 28, 2016, and her family was notified of her death in late January of 2017. Johnson's granddaughter, Karyssa Dalton, told Local 8 News the last time she heard from her grandmother was during a phone conversation on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m.