Report: Man charged after allegedly videoing officer in restroom

Source: Knox Co. Sheriff's Office
Source: Knox Co. Sheriff's Office(WVLT)
Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 4:44 PM EDT
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A man was arrested after being accused of taking a Snapchat video of an officer and other individuals while using a restroom at the Thompson-Boling Arena on Monday.

The report stated that Tyler Bolinger was charged with disseminating unlawful photographs and public intoxication.

The officer said he was working the WWE event and had used the restroom, which "was quite populated and also had minors present." The officer stated that when he left the restroom, he was flagged down by a man and his young son. According to the report, the passersby told the officer that they saw a man recording the people in the bathroom while urinating.

The officer said the man and his son pointed out Bolinger. The officer and another spoke with Bolinger. According to the report, he at first denied the accusation and agreed to show the officers his photographs.

The officer's report stated that they found an image that had the officer's uniform displayed. "As he was showing us his phone, Mr. Bolinger then closed the phone saying there was nothing there."

The report added that Bolinger later said he he took a video of the officer and at least another man urinating. The officer said Bolinger showed the officers the video which "also had what appeared to be a Snapchat caption across" it. The report said Bolinger told officals he had five to six alcoholic beverages.

According to records, Bolinger is expected in court on September 17.

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