Report: Regal CEO made $4.9 million in annual salary last fiscal year

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to The Hollywood Reporter, Knoxville- based Regal Entertainment paid its CEO Amy Miles $4.9 million dollars during the last fiscal year, including $2.4 million in stock awards.

That compensation is 19 percent above the previous year, according to details provided in regulatory filings The Hollywood Reporter obtained Wednesday.

Other Regal executives earned millions in compensation as well.

President and COO Gregory Dunn earned $2.3 million (up from $2.1 million), CFO David Ownby made $1.95 million (up from $1.55 million), and Regal’s general counsel Peter Brandow was paid $1.75 million (up from $1.46 million).