Report claims Knoxville is 32nd most 'sinful' city in US

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 4:16 PM EST
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Las Vegas may be known as "Sin City," but it looks like it has some fierce competition.

A new report, "Most Sinful Cities in America," published by WalletHub compared 180 U.S. cities using 37 indicators of "evil" deeds. Data sets range from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking rates.

According to the report, Las Vegas takes the number one spot, with Los Angeles and New York taking second and third. Houston is fourth, and St. Louis is fifth.

Knoxville almost breaks into the top 30, but it snagged the 32nd slot. According to the report, our city ranks high on 'Anger & Hatred,' 'Excesses & Vices and 'Vanity.' It's 32nd over all, but ranks seventh in the anger/hatred category. Interestingly enough, Knoxville is ten spots ahead of the next Tennessee city: Memphis.

Memphis ranks at 42nd most sinful city, while Nashville ranks 51st and Chattanooga ranks 57th.

To read the full report, go