Report filed against Rep. Susan Lynn after allegedly distributing anti-Muslim material

Published: Apr. 5, 2016 at 8:13 PM EDT
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Several state Representatives have filed a formal complaint against Mt. Juliet Representative Susan Lynn after the Republican supposedly distributed a DVD to all lawmakers at the end of March containing anti-Muslim material.

The DVD in question is titled: "America's Mosques Exposed: Video Evidence They Are War Factories." It was created by the Patriot Pastor Organization.

Democratic Representatives Johnnie Turner, John Ray Clemmons and Barbara Cooper filed the complaint Monday to the Director of Legislative Administration.

In the formal complaint, lawmakers said the DVD violated three rules because it is discriminatory and could be considered work place harassment.

"This type of hate-filled propaganda and the depictions contained thereon are direct threats to the peacefulness of our community and the integrity of our state," the letter read.

Lynn said she was handing out the video for a constituent, Louie Johnston. He is the Executive Director of the Patriot Pastor Organization. She said it's all protected under the First Amendment right of free speech.

"I don't think any of it creates a hostile work environment," Lynn said. "If we don't like it, we just throw it away."

The video makes sweeping claims against Muslims.

In one part, Johnston claims Muslims are waging war against Americans. He claims to be a Pastor, warning people about extremists.

Lynn said as she watched, she grew more concerned.

"I don't really know anything about the content of the video," Lynn said. "I am extremely concerned about Islamic terrorists as I think everybody is concerned."

But Democratic lawmakers said sending out the video was the wrong move.

"It hit me really personally because I remember the 60's. I remember the discrimination. I remember having to ride in the back of the bus," Johnnie Turner (D-Memphis) said.

It's unclear what type of punishment, if any, Lynn could face. The Democrats who filed the complaint said they hope more sensitivity training sessions are held.