Report ranks Knoxville among 50 worst cities to live in

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A 24/7 Wall Street report lists Knoxville as one of the 50 worst cities to live in, and it wasn't the only Tennessee city to make the list.

The study used 2016 U.S. Census data from approximately 600 cities with populations of more than 50,000. Each city was given a ranking based on nine categories that include crime, demography, economy, education and housing.

Knoxville came in at No. 36 on the list. Memphis came in at No. 5, under No. 1 Detroit and No. 2 Flint, both in Michigan. Las Vegas was No. 4, while St. Louis, Missouri, was No. 3.

"About one in every four Knoxville residents live in poverty, well about 14 percent share of Americans and the second highest poverty rate of any large city in the state," the report noted.

"Poorer areas often struggle with crime, and in Knoxville, both violent and property crimes are more than twice as common as they are nationwide. While the city struggles with low incomes and higher crime rates, the home of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville also has some positive attributes common in college towns. For example, 35.1% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, a larger share than is typical nationwide. Additionally, the city has a greater than average concentration of bars and restaurants than the United States as a whole," it continued.

Here's the full list of 50 worst cities to live in:

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. Flint, Michigan
3. St. Louis, Missouri
4. Las Vegas
5. Memphis, Tennessee
6. Cleveland, Ohio
7. Wilmington, Delaware
8. Albany, Georgia
9. Springfield, Missouri
10. Baltimore, Maryland
11. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
12. Florence-Graham, California
13. Hartford, Connecticut
14. Homestead, Florida
15. San Bernardino, California
16. Youngstown, Ohio
17. Pueblo, Colorado
18. Rockford, Illinois
19. Gary, Indiana
20. Little Rock, Arkansas
21. Shreveport, Louisiana
22. Compton, California
23. Merced, California
24. Miami Beach, Florida
25. Daytona Beach, Florida
26. Stockton, California
27. Charleston, West Virginia
28. Springfield, Massachusetts
29. Oakland, California
30. Dayton, Ohio
31. Trenton, New Jersey
32. Tucson, Arizona
33. Fresno, California
34. Canton, Ohio
35. Buffalo, New York
36. Knoxville, Tennessee
37. Toledo, Ohio
38. Kalamazoo, Michigan
39. Tallahassee, Florida
40. New Haven, Connecticut
41. South Bend, Indiana
42. North Charleston, South Carolina
43. Miami, Florida
44. Syracuse, New York
45. Jackson, Mississippi
46. Albuquerque, New Mexico
47. Tacoma, Washington
48. Gainesville, Florida
49. Atlanta, Georgia
50. Salt Lake City, Utah