Residents homeless after fire starts in townhome

Source: (WVLT)

A dozen people have no place to live when people need their homes the most.

The Knoxville Fire Department says a fire started in an attic at Colonial Park Townhomes Thursday morning and quickly spread.

Our Abby Kousouris talked to neighbors who say they’re grateful no one was hurt.

Chris Brower says he woke up to the sound of sirens and the smell of smoke. He says the whole roof was on fire within 30 minutes. He’s lived here for more than a decade, now he doesn’t know what to do.

“It hasn’t all set in yet for me that it’s gone,” said Brower.

Knoxville Fire Department Captain DJ Corcoran says the townhomes had no protection to prevent the spread.

“These were built prior to it being required to have firewalls in that attic area,” said Corcoran.

He says they don’t think anyone started the fire on purpose.

“It's a tough situation with all that's going on with the virus right now. These people have lost their homes,” said Corcoran

Brower found some of his belongings safeguarded- family heirlooms and his passport.

“A lot of the other possessions I can replace them with, but things from the past they can’t be replaced,” said Brower.

Chris says this has bonded neighbors together. They’ll work together to rebuild and replace what was lost.

Even though the fire department believes the fire started in the attic, the specific cause is under investigation.

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