Road crews prepare ahead of heavy rain in East Tennessee

Source: WVLT

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Sinkholes and slides have been reported all over East Tennessee, and with more rain in the forecast, crews are preparing for another wave of floods.

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The Tennessee Department of Transportation said they’re preparing for more problems with more rain in the forecast.

A road has already closed in Roane County. Dennis Ferguson is the Roane County road superintendent. He said last year they lost almost half of the road in a slide, and it continues to crumble.

“Everything is just so wet under there, and then the continued rain we're getting makes it even weaker. It finds wherever the weakest spot is, where something is moving, and wherever it does, it pushes everything underneath it out,” said Ferguson.

Last Thursday he said his crew noticed more of the road had been washed away by the rain. He blocked off the road to make sure no one gets hurt. He shut down a mile-long stretch of Airport Rd. He said it's not heavily traveled, but he's discussed with engineers ways to repair it. They estimate it would cost $5 million and there's no guarantee it would hold.

“We're in a real predicament here of what we're going to do because we don't want to spend $5 million that we don't have, and it continues to do that,” said Ferguson.

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