Robber Fly spotted in East Tennessee

Kim Morehead captured a photo of a robber fly in Corryton. / Source: (Kim Morehead/ Facebook)

CORRYTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Have you ever seen a bug like this? Viewer Kim Morehead shared a photo captured on her back deck showing what experts say is a Robber Fly.

Kim said the picture was taken in Corryton.

These strange bugs also go by the name "Assasin Fly" or "Bee Panther" and they are known for their aggressive behavior, although they are considered harmless to humans.

An expert said the flies are known to catch honey bees, flies, wasps and other small insects, but they do not have stingers.

However, according to one website, the bugs do have a painful bite. They don't generally attack humans, but it's best not to touch one with bare hands.

Let us know if you've seen something like this in your area.

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