Salt Spa offers relaxing environment and treatment

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Salt is for more than just the dinner table and treating the roads in Knoxville. The Salt Spa, which opened in 2011, is a place where people can go to help breathe and feel better.

Those with the spa say the treatment can help people with allergies, a cold, the flu, bronchitis and many other ailments. It works when people breathe in the salt particles.

“If you breathe deep enough, it will get the salt in the deeper part of the lungs, and sinus passage, which will help clear out your system,” said Will Foster, owner of The Salt Spa and licensed acupuncturist.

Foster said that the spa has also had many singers and athletes visit because of the benefit for their lungs and breathing.

The salt is used in special machines called “halo generators.” The machines grind the salt into small particles that are dispersed into the room. The temperature in the room and the size of the salt particles are very important to the process, according to Foster.

Foster said that the salt can be good for skin and help treat certain conditions, more indirectly by cleaning the inner skin. The treatment can also help the immune system by helping the body detoxify in a natural way.

There are many types of salt therapy. The Salt Spa only offers a dry genuine halo therapy. Foster explained that there are other types of salt therapy that involve more humidity.

“Many people have and continue to get great benefit from salt therapy,” said Foster. “It has also been proven to be a very relaxing process, and a strong negative ion environment like going to the beach but much stronger.”

Other than being a relaxing and healing place for adults to come the spa also offers a salt box for kids to play in, which is set up like a classic sand box. The treatment can have the same effect on kids that it does on adults without them even knowing it.

Kelly Evans is one of the many people in the east Tennessee area that suffers from allergies and has kids that have the same problem. Her and her two children are frequents of the spa.

“I came to this place before I had kids and still come now that I have two kids,” said Evans. “This place has definitely changed my options for treating allergies. We don’t have to take as many allergy medications and gives us a more natural way to deal with it.”