Scam Alert: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Company scamming customers

Published: Dec. 23, 2018 at 9:03 PM EST
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Attorney General Andy Beshear issued a Scam Alert after his office and the Better Business Bureau said an online company claiming to be located in Lexington and selling bourbon barrels is scamming customers. claims that “The Oak Wood Barrel Co.” sells bourbon, craft beer and spirit barrels that are ready to ship worldwide. Three victims, two from out-of-state in Kansas and Virgina, said they paid more than $650 for barrels they did not receive.

Beshear said after receiving the complaints a BBB employee drove to the Lexington address listed on the company’s website and found there was not a building there at all.

The post office returned a letter sent from the Office of the Attorney General to the company.

“During the Christmas season it is sad that con artists go to extreme lengths in order to steal money and personal information from those who support Kentucky’s popular bourbon industry,” said Beshear. “I urge anyone who has fallen victim to this company to contact the Office of the Attorney General immediately and file an online complaint.”

Kim Sweazy, director of operations for the Better Business Bureau serving Central & Eastern Kentucky said they contacted Beshear’s office for further investigation.

“Kentucky is well-known for its bourbon distilleries,” said Sweazy. “The people behind this scam used that recognition by providing what our investigation showed are fake Lexington addresses on the website.”