Scam text message claims your credit, debit card is locked

(WVLT/WAFB) -- A Louisiana sheriff's office is warning citizens about a scam that claims your debit or credit card is locked.

The Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office said they are investigating after a resident received text messages that claimed they needed to dial a provided number to unlock their credit or debit card.

One version of the scam deputies tracked is a text message from a coded number, 1(410)100-014>, which says it’s from Capital One. The message is numbered MSG::7133, deputies said.

Deputies said after calling the provided number the caller will be prompted to give certain sensitive card information as part of a scam.

They’re encouraging everyone to disregard any of these type messages.

The scammer advises people to call (865) 598-6294 to resolve an issue that is actually nonexistent.

After calling that number the receiver of the text is asked to type in their credit card information as part of a phishing attempt.

If you are unsure if a message is coming from a legitimate source, contact the company directly through their official website or using an official phone number.

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