Scott County nonprofit needs a helping hand of their own

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SCOTT CO., Tenn. (WVLT) - Scott Christian Care Center is a place that prides itself on helping others. But now, they need a helping hand of their own. The Center is being demolished Tuesday to make way for a new bank.

Lisa Cotton is the Director of Scott Christian Care Center. She said without a facility to operate from, it creates a challenge to continue services.

"What we are hoping is that we can receive some support so that we can continue what we have been doing for so many years," Cotton said.

Cotton said the mission for the Center is to provide health, wellness and education services for Scott County. She said they have services ranging from a food bank all the way to dental clinics.

"Our region is considered a distressed region, and a medically under-served region, as well, and there are so many people who depend on our services. We serve over 4,000 people a year," Cotton said.

Cotton said she doesn't want the services to stop because they still have folks in need of their help.

"Our long term goal is to build a facility on some donated land. We just had some land donated, so our plan is to build a facility to house all of our services, and plus, with some future expansion even. That is what we are needing to raise some funds for today because we are without a home, and without the means to build that home right now," Cotton said.

Cotton said seeing the faces of the people the Center has helped is why it's their mission to see it continue.

"To be able to see what an impact that it's had in our community, so it's my heart that it continues," Cotton said.