How to spot a drug house in your neighborhood

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LOUDON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A downtown Loudon house, officials said is known for heavy drug activity, was boarded up Tuesday afternoon under the state's nuisance law.

The Loudon County District Attorney said more than two dozen calls were placed to police for the house at 620 Church Street in the past year, including calls on aggravated assault, stabbings, drugs, warrants, fights, thefts, and other criminal activity.

Malia Lankford is a longtime neighbor, living right next to the suspected drug home. "There were fights all the time, people getting drunk and out in the back yard screaming and cursing and loud music," she said.

On any given night, Lankford claims up to 50 people would be in and out of the home.

“This type of nuisance action to close and potentially seize a home owner’s property is not taken lightly by the any of the entities involved”, said District Attorney General Russell Johnson.

So how do you spot a drug house in your neighborhood? Officials say watch for late-night activity, people in and out of the house and staying for only a short amount of time, and fighting.

The most recent incident at the Church Street home was a stabbing. Lankford called it in to 911. "I told the dispatcher, 'something's got to give'."

The police department always recommends calling 911 if you suspect something isn't right.

Tuesday meant progress for Lankford as Loudon city crews worked to board up the home, at least for now.

Another home was boarded up in Lenoir City just a few months ago for the same problem. Cases against the owner there are still pending.

The DA also said the owner of the Loudon property has been spoken to by law enforcement on several occasions in an attempt to stop the illegal activity.

The homeowner is expected in court September 28. No one has been charged at this time.