Sen. Cruz discusses his experience in self-quarantine at his Texas home

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discusses his experience in self-quarantine on his podcast "The...
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discusses his experience in self-quarantine on his podcast "The Verdict". (Source: Gray DC)(GRAYDC)
Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 7:23 PM EDT
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Senator Ted Cruz is finishing up his time in self-quarantine at his home in Texas amid the coronavirus outbreak.

While he did not show any symptoms, he did come in contact with two people who tested positive.

Tuesday is Senator Cruz’s last day in self-quarantine at his home in Texas. I spoke with the Senator on the phone this afternoon. He is encouraging all Americans who are sick to stay home and those who are healthy to work remotely if they can.

“That’s one of the common sense steps of social distancing that can slow the spread of a pandemic like this," he said. "This is a serious public health threat. We need to take it seriously. At the same time, we shouldn’t give in to the voices who want to spread panic or hysteria. We need to be driven by the science," said Cruz.

We got a glimpse of Senator Cruz working from home—during his weekly podcast, The Verdict.

The Senator said he has been staying busy, talking with officials on the phone and staying connected from his computer.

He says coronavirus is having a devastating economic impact, especially on the commercial airline industry. He said he was on the phone with almost every commercial airline CEO. Cruz said they will need financial help from Congress to survive.

“It is indisputable we want to maintain a strong and vibrant commercial airline industry. In Texas and across the country, the airlines generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, but much of commerce is dependent on having a vibrant commercial airline industry and we’re gonna act in the bipartisan way," said Sen. Cruz.

Sen. Cruz will be hopping onto a plane and heading to D-C tomorrow to join other Senators in voting on the coronavirus legislation…sometime this week.

Cruz did offer some hope. He said the country has gotten through world wars, other pandemics and 9/11. He said America is strong and Texas is too.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 110 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Texas. The White House has said people should not be in any gathering of more than 10 people.

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