Sevier County Rescue Squad offers tips on what to do if stranded in woods

SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A man, stranded in the woods after an ATV crash, started a brush fire to warn rescue crews. Firefighters were met with another challenge, as they battled the 20-acre blaze.

Rescue crews say you should never start a fire that size, however you should bring a lighter when headed into the woods.

"You don't want to build a brush fire by any means, that's not what you want to do," Lt. Dustin Sutton, with the Sevier County Rescue Squad, said. But he added, you can create a small camp fire for warmth if you ever get lost in the mountains. In order to signal rescuers, he recommended building up smoke. "Throw some green cedar limbs, throw it over the fire -- that'll make pretty good smoke," he said.

If you do create a campfire, rescuers remind outdoor enthusiasts to dig out around the fire. Get rid of dry leaves and small branches which could help a fire spread.

Along with a lighter, experts said bring food, water, and as the temperatures drop -- dress in layers before headed out.

"Most people who unfortunately get lost, didn't plan on getting lost in the first place. So they have the bare minimum, sometimes not even a lighter."

Sutton also said you should tell someone where you're going and when you plan to be back.