"Your yard is a disgrace:" Seymour family gets letter over lawn

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Seymour family spoke out on social media after they said they received a note from a neighbor over the state of their yard.

The Granados family, who live off of Wye Drive, said it had been a while since they had mowed their lawn, and it didn't take too long for a neighbor to notice.

According to the family, they got a note in the mail saying, "You have a beautiful home, but your yard is a disgrace to the neighborhood!"

"Could you please maintain your property on a regular schedule?" the letter continued.

This isn't the first time a yard has drawn attention in East Tennessee. In 2015, a Lenoir City woman was sentenced to jail over her messy yard. Her case was dismissed, but the city's police chief said the woman's yard had been in bad shape for nearly 12 years.

The Granados said their lawn has since been mowed.