Severed fish heads found in Seymour mailboxes

Published: Jul. 7, 2018 at 7:18 PM EDT
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A Seymour woman says she found something a little fishy in her mailboxes Saturday morning — a severed fish head and a can of chewing tobacco in each.

Miranda Stanifer said there were no surprises when she checked her mail on Friday, so it must have happened overnight.

"So whoever put these in my mailboxes is seriously disturbed," Stanifer wrote on Facebook. "I don’t find it funny."

The mailboxes sit side-by-side on her eight acres of land, and Stanifer said her neighbors' mailboxes were all clear of Copenhagen chewing tobacco and fish heads. She doesn't believe any of them would have done it, so she's still searching for the culprit.

Stanifer filed a police report and is planning to install cameras to deter any fish head bandits from dropping by her property in the future.


someone in East Tennessee has found a fish head in their mailbox. It happened to Knoxville resident Angela Brookshire on Feb. 7 this year.

"Tilapia cut up. They had the bodies and they cut the heads off," Brookshire said.

These pranks could be considered a federal offense. The Postal Service said it's against federal law to vandalize mailboxes or destroy any mail inside, and neighbors should report any problems to their local postmaster.