Sharing a common thread: 24/7 sewing studio in Maryville

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Much like a gym that's open 24/7, day and night, a new business in Maryville filled a need for those who love to sew.

Ruth Rios Atkinson and Renee Rios Weber, both sisters, opened the studio 'You Sew Crazy!' in the fall of 2018.

The studio allows customers to purchase a membership in order to have access to different sewing equipment they might not have access to at home. Sandy Marine is a member, and said the studio helps her stay focused on her projects.

"I don't have all the equipment and place to work at home," said Marine. "There's always a place to work and I can actually do what I need to do."

This studio gives her a space to do her work, instead of cluttering up her home.

"I'm working on finishing up edges of fabric for use on the wheelchair bags that we've been making," Marine said.

The studio also offers a safe place for members to keep their projects so they do not have to bring them back and forth. Members said this is a unique concept to East Tennessee.

"I get my guestroom back," Zoey Andrews, a member, said.

"Since there wasn't a place like that, it just made sense to go ahead and do that," said Renee Rios Weber, manager of 'You Sew Crazy!'

It's a place to go for folks who share a common thread.

"I get a lot of inspiration from these ladies. Well, it's just a great community," Andrews said.

Not only is the space a place for members to work on personal projects, but they have also taken on a group project.

"We learned from a nearby nursing facility that they had a need for wheelchair bags and walker bags, and then little bags you can hang over the side rail of the bed so folks can keep their remotes in," Sandy Donner, a member, said. "We must have made maybe 100 now."

The women working in the studio said it's a place where they can get creative and learn from others. Classes are also offered for anyone who wants to learn new skills in the fiber arts industry.