Shop with a Doc: Chia Seeds

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KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (WVLT) -- They are small and mighty. They are called chia seeds.

You guessed it. These are the same ones you used to grow your chia pets, but Dr. Pete Sulack told Local 8 News they're used for much more than growing a garden.

"The Aztecs used it for energy and endurance," said Dr. Pete Sulack, America's Leading Stress Expert. "The Mayans used it for strength. They called it a runners food."

That's what "chia" means -- strength.

"They're great for your heart because they have the omega three fatty acids," said Dr. Pete. "In fact, they have more omega three fatty acids than salmon."

They might seem small, but Dr. Pete said they're going to help you out when you're at the gym, giving you the energy you need to get through the day.

"They will help improve your performance and your energy and your endurance as much as Gatorade, but without all the sugar,"said Dr. Pete.

"They contain ten times their weight in water so they help hydrate," said Dr. Pete/ "They also help keep you full longer because the body is able to break them down a lot slower than some other things."

He said they can even give you a brighter smile.

"The calcium will help strengthen the bones in your teeth and the zinc will helps prevent tartar accumulation on the gums," said Dr. Pete.

Many times you see people put chia seeds in their smoothies and yogurt. Dr. Pete told Local 8 News you get the most benefit by soaking them.

"When you soak them in water, it literally removes the anti-nutrients and allows all the good nutrients in the seed to come out," said Dr. Pete.

You can also put them on your salads, in your oatmeal, or your granola. You can even bake with them.

If you're allergic to eggs, use the chia seed instead.

"You create a gel with six parts water to one part chia seeds and you put one tablespoon of this new gel in replace of a single egg," said Dr. Pete.

This is a superfood you can add to your diet on your journey to a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Pete posts healthy tips every day on Unhealthy Anonymous. Click the link in the related tabs to follow him on his journey.