Shop with the Doc: Bee Pollen

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Wouldn't it be nice to kick those East Tennessee allergies to the curb? According to our doc, there might be a cure.

"It could be one of those secret ingredients that's gonna help you deal with allergies and the hay fever that so many of us in East Tennessee deal with on a regular basis," said Dr. Pete Sulack, America's Leading Stress Expert.

Dr. Pete Sulack is talking about bee pollen and he said adding it to your diet has some major benefits.

"Just a good natural whole food source," said Dr. Pete.

He said these tiny particles are packed with nutrients, like protein and rutin.

"Ruten is something that is necessary to help produce Vitamin C in the body, as well as collagen," said Dr. Pete. "We know it is literally that compound that the body needs for healthy skin, healthy bones, and to decrease the slow down of aging."

He said it helps you build up the proper antibodies that fight allergies.

Dr. Pete added it's even a natural energizer because it is the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and Vitamin B.

"It's gonna bring more blood flow to the brain, allow you to think more clearly, and it's gonna actually calm yourself down," said Dr. Pete.

Those aren't the only benefits.

"Even proven to help with menopausal symptoms helping to reduce the pain associated with it," said Dr. Pete.

You will find bee pollen in the honey section, but it is a lot different. Instead, bees collect this pollen from flowers, store it on their hind legs, and use it to feed their baby bees.

Harvesting is a tedious job.

Dr. Pete said it will take one bee eight hours each day for an entire month to collect on teaspoon of bee pollen.

Dr. Pete suggested incorporating it into your body slowly. He said you should start taking two granules, put it under your tongue, chew it up, and see how your body reactions.

Consult your physician if you are allergic to bee stings or are pregnant.

You can add it to your smoothies, in your cereal, or on top of your yogurt.