Shop with the Doc: Benefits of Hemp Seeds

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KNXOVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- If someone offered you a handful of hemp seeds, you wouldn't get in any kind of trouble with the law. In this week's Shop with the Doc, Dr. Pete Sulack showed us how the little seeds aren't only legal, but boast some pretty big health benefits.

"Anything I can incorporate in my life that's cheap, that doesn't take a lot, and has power-packed nutrition, is good for me," said Dr. Pete Sulack, America's Leading Stress Expert.

You may want to try a handful of these fine, nutty particles. They're called hemp seeds.

You don't smoke them. You eat them.

"If you're going to incorporate hemp seeds, you don't have to worry about getting high like if you're smoking a joint and you get all the benefits without the hallucinations," said Dr. Pete.

Hemp seeds come from the same species as cannabis, but it is a completely different plant.

"So the THC compound that those who smoke a joint get high on, you don't get that," said Dr. Pete.

Instead, Dr. Pete said you reap all the good benefits from the plant-based protein.

"It's gonna reduce inflammation, fight free radical formation," said Dr. Pete. "Good fiber, good protein. Very beneficial and nutritious for a very little amount of money."

If you found you are not getting enough protein, Dr. Pete said hemp seeds are the ticket.

Authority Nutrition, a website about health and weight loss, said you are getting nearly the same amount of protein from hemp seeds that you would get from beef and lamb.

According to Dr. Pete, it can help balance those stubborn hormones and help women during that time of the month.

"There's a lot of studies when it comes to women with PMS symptoms consuming hemp seeds," said Dr. Pete. "With all those benefit, it is really gonna help reduce those symptoms."

He said hemp seeds can also keep your skin, hair and nails healthy and even help those with arthritis.

He added try consuming some to stay feeling full longer.

"It's going to remove all those blood sugar imbalances, so you're not just craving for foods," said Dr. Pete. "It's gonna suppress your appetite, so you're not eating all the time."

All you have to do is add some hemp seeds to your cereal, blend it up in a smoothie or bake it in your cookies.